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This blog is to be an educational tool as well as a source of info on the Pa elk, their habitat, and the hunt. It's was also necessary for clearing up alot of uninformed views about the elk hunt and the management plan for the elk herd itself. Negative thoughts are little to worry about but when they become comments and are shouted from the roof tops by people that have a clouded view of something and very little understanding of it, it is not only your right but your duty to correct what is wrong and be a voice for science, fact, and truth.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Elk County Outfitters: The Guys

These are some of the faces that you can see around Camp Nick both during the elk hunts and the regular hunting seasons. They are resposible for some of the best times I've ever had. Without them hunting seasons wouldn't be the same and the elk hunt would not be possible.
Thank you guys for letting me do this with you.

Jack Manack Sr.
Keith Manack
Tim Lennox
Jason Stecko
Tim Harvey
John Provident III
Bob Huff
Brady Schrecengost
Carey Bollman
Gary Couteret

Harry Smith

Eric McCarthy

Jarad McCarthy

Greg Monk

Ernie Earley

Denny Henry
Al Thoms
Donnie Smail

Dick Hribar
Tim Lennox Jr.

John Provident IV

Brad Lennox

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